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Warnings as Errors

One thing that annoyed me when starting at Codeweavers was the amounts of warnings that would occur during a build of any of our projects. Seeing the build progress only to spew out a screenful of text was something that did not sit right with me. I was not the only one who felt this was wrong, but as there was so many warnings in some cases, it was easier just to pretend they were not there. After all everything was working fine.The broken window theory is very much in action here. During our last standards review we decided that there should ideally be zero warnings per project. It is worth mentioning that most of our warnings were just that, warnings about something that was not really a major issue. Warnings such as unused variables and so on fall into this area.On the other hand, while 90% of our warnings were ignorable, there were a handful which were rather important. Examples such as referencing different versions of required .dlls. Warnings l…