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Recursively Building a Web Service using the same Web Service

Back during the later part of 2011 there was a common theme occurring in our retrospectives each week. How can we replicate our live environment as close as possible?We took steps to achieve this goal by creating a single machine image to ensure all our machines were configured correctly. Another quick win was to ensure certain aspects of our live data was restored to our local development databases during the night. This enabled us to take stack traces from our logs, and quite literally paste them into our IDE and replicate the users problem instantly. Without the same data set we could have seen different results. Despite these positive steps, there was a missing link in our replication process. How do we simulate the traffic of our live environment? As an example, we average anywhere from four to five thousand calculations per minute with our current web services, with our local and demo environment no where near this figure.During 2011 I found mys…