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The Problem with Auto Updating Browsers

At the time of writing the latest version of Firefox (version 13) has just been released. Bear in mind that a week ago I updated our Selenium bindings so that we could use Firefox 9+ for running our browser tests.The latest release is another great release for the Firefox team, except there is software out there will be broken. The software in question I'm talking about is any code that uses Selenium 2.22.0 that was released 2012-05-29. It turns out the bindings only work for Firefox 12 or less.For whatever reason any tests that used Selenium this morning just stopped working for us - and others. The tests in question caused the runner to hang as no window could be opened. I'm not sure what causes this, as the browser is essentially the same to the end user, bar some new features. Not being a Selenium developer I cannot comment how or why this has happened, nor can I suggest the Selenium team should be version agnostic.Our solution in the end …