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Object Discovery

Recently we had @kevinrutherford in to talk about object discovery. While TDD is a great tool, it is no excuse for some sort of design process. If you don't, you'll most likely end up with a mess. This session was based around this principle.One point that was discussed what that the first few seconds of a test for a new class is the most important part of the TDD process. It is here where you will decide whether to take a state or interaction based approach to testing. This first test will dictate the structure of the new class. Once you start with tests, it becomes difficult to evolve or change the design of a class without friction.There is generally two types of code at Codeweavers.The trick comes from the fact that just because you use C#/Java/etc.. most of the time you aren't actually writing OO code. You often end up writing procedural code in a rather obtuse manner. A takeaway from this afternoon was to try and perform mo…