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The Anti If Campaign

Firstly if you are unaware of what the Anti If Campaign is, I advise you to take look before coming back. My first impression a few years ago was the site must have been some sort of spoof. Programming without "if" statements, this was crazy nonsense. After all the "if" statement is one of the core constructs of any language. If you look deeper however the campaign is not advocating the abolition of "if" statements, it is simply encouraging cleaner code by removing the likes of type checking and control coupling. This can be achieved by the use of Polymorphism and abiding by the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP).The Anti If Campaign is relevant as I have recently had first hand experience of what the supporters are campaigning against. I was working on one of our greenfield projects where I had violated SRP for an easy win. We had a class which would look up a quote based on some input criteria. I allowed this input …