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Logging vs Auditing

The difference between logging and auditing is a subtle yet important distinction.LoggingTechnical in nature. Deals with technical concerns, stacktraces or errors.Additional levels such as DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL for classification.Logging can be simple such as traditional stdout statements, or more complex with semantic/structured logging.Should not cause a runtime failure if logging is defective, fail silently.System should work with or without logging enabled from both a technical and system view.No need for automated testing, simply ensure this works afterwards. No need for interfaces or abstractions, use the logging library directly.The primary users of logging should be the development team when developing and testing. Additional the team should use logging for daily monitoring and support. Effective log monitoring can produce trends or highlight problem areas well before users report them as issues. The use of a good monitoring system can also remove and reduce the need…