The following are upcoming posts in an ad-hoc order. The intention of making these ideas public will be to hopefully encourage myself to actually take the time to create these and help prioritize. By hosting this list on the blog I should be more inclined to update and manage the contents.


  • Event Sourcing
    • Introduction
    • Code example
    • Projections
  • Changeable Architecture (kill it)
  • DDD - Query Strategy Series
    • Getters/Setters
    • Explicit interface implementation C#
    • Mediator (RenderTo)
    • CQRS or Direct Data Access
  • Semantic/Structured Logging
  • Thin Vertical Slicing and APIs - How To
  • Strangle Legacy Code vs A Fresh Start


  • Legacy Code - WEWLC Highlights
  • Work, Right, Fast
  • Parkinson's Law
  • No Estimates

Past Mistakes

  • DB first, leaked to UI. Unable to refactor.
  • Iteration 0, needs logging.
  • Service Composition - Temporal Coupling and Failures

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