Flexible Selenium Tests via Page Objects

A fast, automated suite of unit and integration tests are not enough. At some point you'll need to test your presentation logic. Ideally your domain/business/game logic is stubbed so all you'll need to do at this point is check that the presentation is complete. For example, does view X load view Y? Does an error message appear when an error is raised?

With web sites and web applications the standard tool to use is the excellent Selenium. The problem with UI tests in Selenium is they are often slower to write. Not only this the maintenance cost of such tests can often be much more expensive that other styles of tests. If the cost of such tests is high, the likely hood of developers writing UI tests is low. In my experience there are three types of UI tests in use.

A more fleshed out example of the Page Object pattern can be found on Github.

Choose a style based on context. Given more than a handful of tests then page objects are worth the extra cost, the ability to evolve your UI while maintaining end to end tests is worth some additional complexity at first.