Cool URI's Don't Change

I switched domains back in June 2013. This was out of my control. A lot of links were lost despite an attempt to backlink in order to keep the traffic from the old links and new links crossing over. The previous domain also broke content without consideration, there are links around that simply point to nothing.

To compound the issue I switched this blogs platform back in June 2014. This was much overdue, but an issue fully in my control. This yet again, broke links despite being for the better. My link management has been poor and given how annoyed I become at other sites breaking links, it's time to make a stand.

A recent example was when I was on holiday with a limited wifi connection of an evening. A couple of users on Twitter wanted to share some of my content, but the link was broken. After some delay and flip flopping I was finally able to share the post they were after. I am extremely happy that Paul thought of a blog post I wrote, so the fact that he was unable to share it was embarrassing.

An old mentor of mine introduced me to Cool URI's early on in my career and highlighted the importance of choosing a good URI scheme. From this post onwards no links to my content both past and future will break, despite hosting or platform choices. I've introduced an automated process to check each post when the blog is backed up, to ensure this never happens again.

The lesson here is simple. If you publish content on a site under your control, it's your duty to ensure you handle breaking changes.

I debated the use of URL or URI for this post initially. For future reference, URI's identify, URL's identify and locate.