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  1. Pre Computation

    Caching is a common technique, especially with HTTP as it is made so easy. However pre computation is an alternative that can be used to reduce failures as well as speed up processing and response times.

    Caching Example

    Assume a list of countries to be displayed on the UI. These …

  2. Set Based Design

    Each morning newspapers hit the newstands without fail. Live broadcasts are the same. Come show time they hit the air without fail. You can probably think of more examples of deadlines that are constantly achieved. So why does software development accept missed deadlines? Software development not only encourages software to …

  3. SOA Done Badly vs SOA Done Right

    I was under the assumption I had been doing SOA for over 3 years. Previously I have had services which did stuff, these talked to other services which did other stuff and so on. We would group services around functionality.

    We would break these services down if they got too …