1. Do it right - violate YAGNI

    Published: Wed 01 October 2014

    tags: retro

    You Ain't Gonna Need It or YAGNI is about not writing code that is not needed. I've gone on to realise how important this is when it comes to programming for change.

    One of my biggest pet peeves that I have experienced working on agile teams is the excuse of …

  2. Reinvent the Wheel, Often

    Published: Wed 01 October 2014

    tags: retro

    We are often never told to reinvent the wheel. In other words, if your job is solve problems within Domain X you shouldn't spend your time recreating or solving problems that fall outside of this domain.

    For production code, this I agree with this statement fully. Software development is hard …

  3. Developer Diaries

    A few weeks back I stumbled across a tweet which I unfortunately cannot find to give credit to. It talked about the benefit of keeping a developer diary.

    At the same time I was reading Getting Things Done (GTD). I felt inspired to take note of everything related to development …

  4. Program for Change

    Published: Fri 01 August 2014

    tags: retro

    We should program for change AKA the Open/Closed Principle. In my opinion, the OCP is one of the lesser respected SOLID principles. One of my biggest, and earliest failures fresh out of university was ignoring this concept.

    At the time I was applying YAGNI to some code myself and …

  5. Stop.Mocking.EVERYTHING

    I've flip flopped on how to use mock objects since 2008. It's took me nearly five years to finally claim to have a solid, practical answer on what is in my opinion, their correct use.

    Mock Everything

    Some developers told me to mock everything. Every. Single. Collaborator. I wasn't sure …

  6. The Importance of Tools

    Published: Tue 01 July 2014

    tags: retro

    One of the most influential books I've read on software development has been The Pragmatic Programmer.

    One of the key points raised within the book is that of automation and tooling. For example, automating the build process is a very worthwhile undertaking. You should be able to check out some …

  7. Top Down vs Bottom Up

    Top down development has you starting at the highest point in the application that you can. From here you code down until there is nothing else left to develop. Once you reach this point you should be code complete. Along the way you may need to stub out areas that …

  8. MVC is Broken

    Published: Mon 01 October 2012

    tags: retro

    If you look up the definition of MVC or Model View Controller, it will hail the definition as being able to change your front end without affecting other parts of the application and vice versa. This sounds great in theory, however this claim is nothing more than a blatant lie …

  9. The Best Code is Written Twice

    Recently myself and two colleges completed a new feature in an afternoon's programming session. Despite this we ended up binning the feature after all agreeing it was horribly complicated and in turn would cause far more problems down the road than it would solve.

    We decided to rewrite the feature …

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